Originality is the way ahead

“There was nothing like this in Ragusa, so we had to create it.” We threw ourselves heart and soul into this wonderful venture: setting up an haute cuisine academy for all those working in the catering sector (pastry chefs, gelato makers, cooks, bakers, restaurateurs and pizza makers).

They will no longer have to leave town and face long, expensive journeys to keep themselves up to date. Anyone who wants can learn about new trends right here in our beautiful city, developing his talent under the guidance of award-winning chefs.

With our special training courses, students can enjoy learning advanced skills and being in a creative, stimulating environment. We offer advanced pastry-making courses, high-level training courses for chocolatiers and gelato makers, professional cookery courses, and specialist courses for pizza makers and bakers: solutions to suit every need.

You can learn with top professionals in the sector, and boost your career with lots of practical ideas and advice that will really benefit your work. You will learn expert cooking techniques and how to prepare ingredients, you will experience new and unusual combinations and become skilled at reinterpreting local flavours and Italian and international cuisine in a contemporary way.

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