1) Courses and Lessons

The Cieffe Academy professional cooking courses are for limited numbers, and vary on the basis of the character of the course.

The courses take place at the times published on our website.
Students aged 18 and over can take part in the courses.

The course content will include:

  • lessons focusing on a single subject;
  • training modules involving several lessons;
  • regular daily formats.


2) Registration and payment

To purchase a place on a course you first need to register on our website:  www.cieffeacademy.it

At time of registration, participants have to pay a deposit of 20% of the total cost of the course.

Cieffe s.r.l. will then require payment of the balance, which must be received no later than THIRTY days before the start of the course.

The full cost of the course must be paid before participants can take part in the lessons; enrolment will therefore not be considered complete until proof of payment is received.

Payment can be made by PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer, with reason for payment given as <course participation COURSE TITLE>.

As places on the courses are restricted, participants will be accepted in chronological order based on when their deposit is received.


3) Conduct of participants

Cieffe s.r.l. provides students with the following: use of the rooms and kitchen equipment, the raw materials, free extras and teaching material: responsibility for which lies with the participants. The teaching material, ingredients and raw materials are included in the cost of the course. Participants can only use the material provided for the purposes of the course, and must agree to take good care of the kitchen equipment and use it in an appropriate way.

Participant must also undertake to respect the chef’s instructions when using the equipment, and to comply with all the general rules during classes in relation to correct personal conduct and behaviour towards third parties. The School will therefore not accept any responsibility for any harm that a participant might cause to himself or to third parties when using the equipment provided (for example: with knives, pots, heat sources or boiling water).

At the start of their course, all participants are required to read the various prevention/protection measures to adopt when using devices and equipment during the course/lesson; as well as the procedures to follow in the event of an emergency.
Participants are not allowed to bring semi-finished or processed ingredients into the kitchen. Cieffe s.r.l.  cannot accept liability for any reactions or issues that arise as a result of a failure to obey this guideline.

Participants are also wholly responsible for any property or personal effects that they bring onto the premises during the lessons, and Cieffe s.r.l. will not accept any responsibility with this regard.

Since the teaching method also involves tasting the dishes that have been prepared, participants are required to declare at the time of enrolment if they suffer from any type of condition or allergy in relation to food, or from any other disabilities that might affect or restrict their performance during the course. In such cases, Cieffe s.r.l. will need to evaluate whether or not to accept the request for enrolment, depending on the resources available at the time.
If a participant makes a false declaration regarding the existence or non-existence of a food-related condition or allergy, Cieffe s.r.l. declines all liability for any consequences resulting from his/her participation in the course.

If an applicant fails to make such a declaration, he or she will not be accepted on the course.


4) Cancellation and variation of the courses

Courses are actively confirmed when the minimum number of participants is reached.

If the minimum number of participants is not reached, Cieffe s.r.l. reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course, and will give proper notice to participants.
In the event of cancellation, participants will have the right to:

  • obtain a refund of the fees paid;
  • take part in another course at a similar or higher price, making arrangements to pay in advance any balance owing.

Where participants have the right to a refund, this will be repaid by Cieffe s.r.l. within thirty days of submitting a request.

Cieffe s.r.l. reserves the right to make changes to the course programme in the event that: they cannot source the necessary raw materials, have to replace teachers, or have to change the date and times of the courses. Participants will be informed well in advance.

Such conditions do not constitute adequate grounds for cancellation on the part of participants.


5) Right of withdrawal

All participants have the right to cancel their registration for a course under the terms of Article 54 of the Consumer Code, and may therefore exercise this right, without giving reasons, within fourteen working days from the date the balance is due.

They need to inform the Academy in writing, using the same method as they used to register.

For the notice of cancellation to be effective, it must contain the student’s full details, a copy of the confirmation of course enrolment, and the bank details (current account number and/or credit card number) to which the refund should be credited.
Under the terms of Article 56 of the Consumer Code, the participant who has exercised his right of withdrawal in the manner indicated above will be freely reimbursed the full sum paid to Cieffe s.r.l. within 30 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal. However, such a free right of withdrawal cannot be exercised where the aforementioned terms and conditions do not pertain, and so any participant who withdraws from the course beyond these time limits will not be entitled to a refund. Once the time limit for the right of withdrawal has passed, an applicant may pass on his right to participate to a third party. In this case, the applicant should inform the Academy in writing within 48 (forty-eight) hours before the start of the course, enclosing all the details of the new participant.

If Cieffe s.r.l. has exercised its right to cancel one or more courses at any time for any reason, giving the participant timely notice via e-mail, he/she will be then be entitled to the following options within fourteen days of receiving the notice of cancellation: either to apply for a place on a different course at an equal or larger cost than the one cancelled, or to withdraw from enrolment in the course in the manner described above. In that event, Cieffe s.r.l. will reimburse the sum paid within thirty days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal. A change of teacher is not considered a sufficient justification for a refund.


6) Privacy

In order to participate in a course, users must give consent for the processing of their personal data, under the terms of the legislation on privacy, and having received the relative information.
At the time of registering, participants are asked to give their consent for the publication of videos/photos taken during lessons, for  Cieffe s.r.l. to then use on social media.


7) Competent Place of Jurisdiction

Any disputes that may arise in relation to the contracts governed by these General Conditions, or in any way connected to them, will be referred exclusively to the Court of Ragusa.